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Well, we were excited to see how our last prompt post was received by a lot of you. It seems like prompts were liked so much that Freckles and Lemonade has decided this will become a weekly thing. On to the prompts and back to business.

18 Creative Writing Prompts

  1. Write about a character trying to heal from a traumatic event.
  2. Set your story in the future where there are no rules.
  3. Write a story in which miracles happen.
  4. What color represents you?
  5. Write about an epiphany.
  6. Write about the ideal you.
  7. A nuclear bomb has destroyed Earth, create a new world from your view.
  8. You discover your entire life is a complete lie. What happens next?
  9. Write a character who keeps ending up in the same place.
  10. Write about a character who wakes up in their past life or as a future themself.
  11. Write about someone who doesn’t remember their past.
  12. The day was just beginning and the birds were out singing_____
  13. Write about a post-apocalyptic thriller.
  14. You are at the beach and find mysterious footprints in the sand. Follow the footprints.
  15. I probably shouldn’t be telling you this but____
  16. Write a story about a character who woke up in a stranger’s home.
  17. Write about black glasses, purple hair, and polka dot shoes.
  18. Write a story about your character seeing butterflies.

Here you go! 18 creative writing prompts to get the creative side in you going!

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