The (not so) Glamorous Journey To Becoming A Confident Writer


My journey to becoming a confident writer

When I was younger, I thought becoming a writer was the coolest thing in the world. I would watch movies with scenes where people sat at their typewriters and pecked away at the keys filling up pages with their creative thoughts and I wanted to be just like them. As it turns out, my journey to becoming a confident writer is not as glamorous as it all seemed back then.

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Writing was always something I thought anyone could do. While it may seem easy, picking up your pen and writing what you want is not as easy as it appears. Finding myself as a writer has been a challenging journey with a lot of bumps along the way, some of which have even made me want to give up on my dream. I did not appreciate the difficulty of writing until recently when I started learning how to express myself further in my own articles.

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I have always loved words, and it was when I became an adult I finally found my niche in writing. But how can one gain confidence in their work? I would ask myself this question over and over again.

  • Learn from other authors who write differently than you do
  • Try reading other authors whose work is different from your own
  • Study others writers who write differently
  • Write, Write, and Write (practice makes perfect)

The path to becoming a writer is not as straightforward or easygoing. You have so many different paths you can take, it’s almost overwhelming at times. The more I wrote the better I became. I began to explore new topics and genres, I read as much as I could trying to learn everything there is about writing.

At times reflecting on the fact that it takes hard work and dedication to make it as a successful writer. The best way way for someone who wants success in their writing career would be by picking up a pen grabbing a piece of paper and start writing. Write your ideas down and your thoughts and use those to help create what you want to write.

Sometimes this means staring at a blank screen for hours on end, feeling like you’ll never get your thoughts out in a cohesive manner. And then there are the rejections, never enough time, always fighting for attention, and trying to please everyone. But despite all of that, I wouldn’t change it for the world. Writing is my passion and I’m grateful for every minute of it.

Right now all I can express to you is I never felt more comfortable in a community built on unity and growth. Most importantly I have never felt more confident.

Always Remember

Anyone who wants to become a writer can become a writer you just have to start writing! The more you write, the better you’ll get. Don’t worry about making mistakes everyone makes mistakes that’s okay. Just keep writing and learning from your mistakes.

Key Message: There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Just learn from those who came before you. Also don’t be afraid to share your work with others. Getting feedback from other writers will help you to improve your craft and become a more confident writer.

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