Want To Make $100-$500 A Month? Apply To These #5 Freelance Sites

Publish your stories on these #5 sites and get paid for your writing

want to make $100-$500 extra a month

Now that I have been doing this writing gig for a while. I decided a few months back to up my game and start looking for other places I could publish my work or possibly get an actual writing gig.

I will admit I was nervous at first to submit my work with the world. Here on Medium I felt a lot more comfortable to let myself go. But I wanted more and of course who doesn’t want to make extra money right?

In my research here are the #5 best and most reputable sites I could find to submit my work too. So of course I wanted to share them with you and maybe you can also make so extra income every month.



Do You Dream of Making Money from Your Blog?
Do You Dream of Making Money from Your Blog? Recommended Blogging Resources A list of recommended blogging resources…problogger.com

I found Pro Blogger to be very easy to navigate. You do have to sign up but once your signed up you can access the whole list of writing jobs to apply too.

What I liked about ProBlogger is there is a wide variety of jobs to look at and apply for. I love looking at the ad from the company because it gives me an idea of what they’re looking for in a writer. Each site will have different rules and formatting policies.


Mediabistro: The #1 Media & Creative Job Board
Dotdash Meredith – Working from home (11 months ago) Treehugger, the only modern sustainability site that offers…www.mediabistro.com

I really like Mediabistro not only does this site give you variety of sites to choose from to apply to the variety of types of gigs is great! They have editing gigs, writing gigs, and editorial gigs. Some Companies are looking for more than writing like Producers and they feature high creditable companies like Fox News.


Write for us! We’re looking for passionate, talented writers and experts to create content for POPSUGAR. As a…www.popsugar.com

Now I know some of us like to republish our content on other sites, that we may write for. One of the drawbacks of PopSugar Voices must be drafts only not already published work. Other than that Popsugar is a great site write for!


Freelance Writing Jobs – Real-Time Updates – Find a Job Now | FreelanceWriting
Since 1997, FreelanceWriting.com has delivered daily and real-time freelance writing jobs online for freelance…www.freelancewriting.com

This site is really user friendly and gets straight to the point. I would highly suggest trying this one out and see how it goes.

Did You Get The Gig Let Us Know!

Besties let me know how they go for you! Did you get the gig? How did it go? What was it like? We want to to know so be sure to share your experience.

I will be publishing a article soon on my experience with these #5 sites, to give everyone and idea of if we are wasting our time or not.


Hire Freelancers & Remote Workers For Free
Find and hire the highest quality freelancers from around the world – for free. Choose from thousands of developers…talent.hubstaff.com

This site makes it easy for. Breaks down search and queries by category and you can also search by skills, which makes it so much easier to apply for jobs I’m not quite sure what the requirements will be.

So here you go #5 Writing Sites you could make some extra $$$$$money on the side. Happy Gig hunting!

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    Thank you so much for this list! I’m browsing ProBlogger jobs now!

    1. Freckles And Lemonade Blog

      That one is a good one and when I find more I will update everyone with a post! I will be posting the best affiliates here soon look out for that one!

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