When Convenience Becomes Inconvenience: The Truth About Hello Fresh

The (IN) Convenient Truth about Hello Fresh



New food delivery services are popping up all the time. But with so many options, how do you know which one is right for you? Some companies promote themselves as being more convenient than others, but what does that really mean? Keep reading to find out exactly what happens when convenience becomes inconvenience.

A company might offer pre-measured ingredients and step-by step videos to make cooking easier and exciting. Does that mean they’re more convenient than the norm? If a service is truly convenient, it means you don’t have to lift a finger after work to get perfect home cooked meals every night. It means you can trust that there will always be delicious leftovers in your fridge when you get home from work. If a service isn’t convenient, it may mean more time spent shopping, chopping and cleaning up after dinner. But that’s ok because you don’t have to think about what your going to cook and only have to visit the market for a few items and not so often.



HelloFresh is one of the most popular food delivery services available in the United States. Members can order a customized meal plan based on their dietary preferences and schedule. They can choose from several different meal plans, including vegetarian, Vegan, Classic, Heart Healthy, Paleo and Family. There are also meal plans for people with dietary restrictions such as no gluten, dairy, peanuts, or eggs. HelloFresh offers a wide variety of meal options, including soups, salads, main dishes, and desserts. HelloFresh also offers meal plan options for kids and seniors, For example, they offer things like pizza, and macaroni cheese.

HelloFresh: My (In) Convenient Truth


There’s no doubt that HelloFresh has a great selection of recipes, but is their food worth the extra time and expense? Let’s break it down. HelloFresh is a subscription service. You sign up and pay a monthly fee per person, and they send you enough ingredients to make meals to feed enough for 2-6 persons. You do have to cook the meals and spend time prepping and cleaning. For me I was will willing to justify it because not having to go to the grocery store every week and think and ponder of what I was going to make for dinner and ending up with huge amounts of leftovers that just got wasted or given to my neighbors because it’s just me! So there was a balance to it all. The thought of not having to think about it and pick my meals from an app was the best that ever happened to me. But I soon realized there is a downside to just about anything that goes well. I will discuss next my own realization, that not all good things are created equal.

Here’s how convenience quickly became problematic and when convenience becomes inconvenience. I was enthusiastic to discover that I could order groceries online and not have to worry about buying groceries for just myself. That’s one tasks I didn’t want to think about. It was exciting to anticipate receiving new recipes in my box every week. I had gotten in the habit of cleaning my kitchen on friday evenings anticipating the arrival of my next box saturday. I had already prepared the menu for saturday, featuring grilled onion burgers. I received a recipe with burgers in my last box and I really enjoyed it, so I ordered the burgers again.


So saturday comes I wait, I wait and wait and no box whatsoever. At 5 pm I began to panic, since I didn’t have any dinner that evening prepared and let me just note my box usually would arrive between 8am-noon. Since my dinner was floating around somewhere on a truck. Of course they deliver up until 8pm so I was confident HelloFresh would come through for a girl. At 8pm the box still never showed up and now I’m starving. I messaged the HelloFresh chat line inquiring about the issue (where is my food!)

They assured me there was just a delay and it most definitely will be delivered by Sunday (see messages below). Well Sunday comes it’s now 5:40pm. I have already spoken to customer service three times today each time told I would get my box. I doubted it would arrive because upon my investigation the delivery service used does not deliver on Sundays so I thought that was strange( they insisted it would arrive). So now my box is somewhere unaccounted for because the GLS Shipment system is still reflecting saturday’s delivery. So the driver did not update the system when he could not deliver to my home for whatever reason hmmm that’s strange. Which now concerns me. I don’t want this box of food, I’m supposed to consume what is now a day and half past it delivery time not accounted for. It could be in a hot warehouse somewhere or still on a truck who knows!

Before this situation, I was ranting and raving about how great HelloFresh is and what an awesome concept. Especially for a single Mom like me who spends a lot of time writing and editing. Most importantly taking care of my 7 year old autistic son. Going to the Market was such a chore and could only be done while my son was at school. Having a different variety of meals for the week and knowing the menu for me was a huge weight off my shoulders. I wanted to tell everyone! I sent out free boxes to friends and family. I also applied to their affiliate program offered.

I wanted to share with the world the benefits I was receiving from a food delivery subscription service. I now want to share with the world about how HelloFresh missed the mark and still have not resolved it they just want more money from me for my next box that may or may not come without resolving the first issue. Companies should not be able to do this and get away with it and still claim they have reliable and dependable delivery service.

Here are some of the communications I had with HelloFresh attempting to find a resolve to getting my box or at least where it was at. Their customer support was not the greatest experience. They gave me the wrong information, assured me my order would be delivered, and implied that a higher-up group had been contacted to handle the problem, all of which didn’t happen.

So I message there customer service again and state that if the box does not arrive tonight (Sunday) I do not want that box I want a refund. I can only reiterate who knows where the box has been at this point. Since no communication was followed up on.


What do we do if we are paying a company for confidence and it cannot deliver what we have paid for? I would like to have fresh meals on regular basis like I paid for, so should I put my trust back into hellofresh, as they will honor their mission statement and have my box on time.

The ordeal this has all caused by me putting my faith in a company to provide me weekly boxes of fresh meals, I can prepare for the week ended up being me scrambling for dinner on saturday night which my son and I ended up at McDonalds and scrambling for what to eat for dinner on Sunday. Now that it is monday, I’m writing this article out of pure frustration after I have already planned my meals for the week and the most important thing I paid for them already and this is not a cheap subscription service at all!

So now I’m forced to go out and spend again for something I already paid for. Since I have been the only one in contact with HelloFresh still no communication on there end of what is going on who knows when or if I will receive a refund.

Let alone a real apology, we put our faith and trust in these companies pay them our hard earned dollars and its just so easy for them to not be accountable for their mishaps. This whole situation has caused me a great deal of stress what was once a convenience is has now unfolded into one big inconvenience.

Unboxing a new set of meals might appear fun at first glance, but you’d be surprised to learn that you’re scrambling for an entire week on what to eat if your week’s meals fail to arrive. I had put all my eggs in one basket with HelloFresh, and I felt prepared. I had my meals ready for the week, and I was ready. So with that being said I didn’t go to the grocery store for any dinner items I mean why would I. I already paid for my dinners. Because I thought I was prepared for the week, I only had the essentials of what you need to make your meal kits i.e butter, cooking oil.

When Convenience Becomes Inconvenience

This week I sit here without my box and because I was prepared and have yet to visit the grocery store I have been eating out at Mcdonalds and round table pizza.

Also while I’m sitting here they still haven’t sent me a refund for the box I didn’t receive Hellofresh is charging my card for another box! How does this happen. You don’t apologize for not getting my prior box to me on time, you cancelled it and returned it back to sender still no communication from Hello Fresh. And now you are charging me again!

When you use HelloFresh you’re not just paying for a kit of meals you’re paying for convenience. We are paying for a service we expect a company to uphold and when they make a mistake we expect them to be accountable. This has completely changed the way I think about menu delivery services. Will I be able to put my faith back into a company and hope that my boxes will come on time and what if they don’t?

So what do you do when that convenience becomes an inconvenience and your left right back at square one? So before you make a decision to sign up in hopes your saving time and feeling like you have accomplished being prepared for dinner think again. You like myself might just end up scrambling for dinner because your box didn’t arrive. Have you ever had this happen to you before? Tell your story in the comments below.




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