Who Do You Want To Be?

Even though I’m a firm believer that everyone is, currently, who they are meant to be right now
at this exact moment, we understand the urge for self-improvement.

In fact, I advocate for it.


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Perhaps you’ve seen truths about your beliefs about yourself, things that happened in your life that brought you to the place where you are now, things about yourself that you do not like or want to improve and things about yourself that you like and can be proud of.

Even though I’m a firm believer that everyone is, currently, who they are meant to be right now at this exact moment, we understand the urge for self-improvement.

So who do you want to be?


Even though we come to be who we are and exist the way we are without flaw for a particular
reason, I believe that we are evolving and growing in our own ways. Sometimes that evolution
and that growth just happens on its own and, sometimes, we make it happen.
If you’re ready for growth and you want to take it into your own hands, you probably already
know at least a few area of your life that you would like to improve. Most people see their lives
as things that need to be improved, but don’t realize that it is the self that needs to change in
order for their lives to change. What?! That’s just crazy!!

Want a better job? Guess you better start looking for one, develop the confidence to believe in
yourself to find a better one, have courage to stand up to your boss, or take initiative to learn a
new skill or trade.
Want better relationships?

Maybe it’s time to start standing up for your rights, surrounding
yourself with positive people, disengaging from enmeshment.
See how that all looped around to the self?

The point here is not to say that there is anything wrong with you. You are perfectly you just
the way you are.
If you want to see change in your life, though, you must start with the self.

Guided Imagery #3 – Looking Forward

On this journey I want you to imagine that you can see into your own future. You aren’t looking
forward to a terrible future the way that the Ghost of Christmas Future makes Scrooge look
forward, though. Instead, you are looking forward to your ideal future. You are looking
forward as if someone has waved a magical wand and made all of your hopes come true –
hopes within reason, of course.
We aren’t talking about winning the lottery or having some other fantastical thing occur. This
wand simply makes your life into what you hoped it would be. Imagine that, suddenly, your
relationships are what you want them to be, your career is what you want it to be, the overall
feeling you have from day to day is what you want it be (barring a few inevitable ups and
Take some time to look around this landscape – this world of your hopes and your dreams. This
place where you feel safe, happy, secure, and empowered.
What does it feel like to be here?
Look at yourself in this place. How do you look? More importantly, how do you act? How do
you act in your interactions with the people in your life – your significant others, children,
parents, siblings, friends?
Take a moment to watch the way that you interact with the people around you.

See yourself at home.
See yourself at work.
See yourself at social events.
What are you like?

How does this “you” you are observing feel?

Does this other you feel confident, scared, anxious, happy, at ease, angry, calm? What words would you use to describe this you? Who do you want to be?
How does the you from the future spend time? Does this you work for a living? If so, what
does this you do? Does this you like what he or she does? Does this you get along with his or
coworkers? How are those relationships?

Is this you ambitious at work or does this you just see work as a means to an end?
Float around the life of your imagined future self. Move back and forth from one scene to
another however you like. Just sit and observe yourself. Observe the people around you.
Observe your thoughts, feelings, actions, intentions, and beliefs.
When you feel that you’ve collected all of the information you need from these scenes bring
your consciousness back to the current moment and answer the questions below.

Journal Reflection

  1. How did it feel to complete this exercise?
  2. What thoughts went through your mind as you observed your ideal future self?
  3. How was your ideal future self different from your current self?
  4. How was your ideal future life different from your current life?
  5. How were your ideal future relationships different from your current relationships?
  6. How was your ideal future career different from your current one?
  7. What other differences did you notice about your ideal future?
  8. Did you act differently, speak differently, feel differently, perceive differently?



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