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A Deep Dive into Guided Imagery

It’s hard to build a better future if you don’t know your strengths. Knowing your strengths will allow you to use them to build good things and plow your way through those difficult challenges and roadblocks ahead of you.

Knowing your weaknesses is important, too. You may not think of weaknesses as the “best parts of you” but a weakness is really a potential in disguise. It represents an area of your life that you can continue to develop — something you can grow. As it grows, it becomes something bigger, better, and more fulfilling. In a way, a weakness is like a seed — it has the potential to be a big, strong tree, as long as you give it the nutrients it needs. Proper self-care and a growth mindset can help you turn your weaknesses into strengths.

Some of our other great parts of ourselves are ones we don’t necessarily realize or acknowledge as much as we should.

With all this in mind, let’s take a quick journey just to relax.

Then you will have a chance to answer a few of self- exploration questions.

GUIDED IMAGERY #1 Let’s all look on the bright side

Life isn’t always puppy dogs and rainbows, but there are some good things in every day if you look hard enough. The same can be said for each of us. None of us is perfect. None of us are 100% good, 100% of the time. None of us have achieved and become everything we wish to be in life. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t some good things about us.

On this journey, I invite you to find a happy and comfortable place. This place may be somewhere you have visited before or it may be somewhere you will create in your own mind.

It may be realistic — looking much like a place on Earth, or it may be a make-believe landscape filled where trees are purple and the sky is orange. To get to this happy, comfortable place you will fly up into the sky in your imagination. You are going somewhere completely safe with only positive feelings and emotions.

So, when you are ready, fly up into the clouds or the clear blue sky in your mind.

Take a moment to enjoy the weightlessness of your body as you float in the sky — knowing that you are completely safe. Take a look at the world as you float around. Notice the people, the plants, the buildings. See how it looks so calm and peaceful from a distance. But you are going somewhere even calmer and more peaceful for this journey. When you feel ready, take flight off into the sky.

Climb up through the white puffs of clouds, feeling the mist of future raindrops gently caressing your face. Fly around the sky above the earth until you can see, below you, your destination. You will know it as soon as you see it — it will look like a place that makes you feel calm, warm, happy, and safe. Maybe you will feel it approaching before you even get there.

Use your senses to discover your special place and when you feel confident that you’ve come across is it allow yourself to slowly descend from the cloud down toward the ground.

When you land on the ground, take a long look around you.

What does your special place look like, smell like, feel like?

What colors do you see?

Are there plants? Trees?

Are there animals here with you in your safe place?

Maybe there are people. If so, are they people you know?

Do you see buildings in your special place?

What do they look like?

Are they tall and solid, or small and built of soft materials like moss or cotton candy?

Remember, your special happy place is whatever you want it to be.

Can you hear anything? The gentle rolling of ocean waves, soft music playing from a distance, the sound of people laughing? What sort of a place is this? What things are happening here that make you feel safe?

After you’ve taken a moment to look around in this safe place, look around until you find a building or a cave or some sort of special area with walls. Make your way to this special area and walk inside.

All around you the walls are covered with pictures — photographs and illustrations.

Each of these photographs and illustrations was taped to the wall by a person you know. Your friends, your family, your neighbors, your hairdresser, the nice lady who works at the grocery store.

And each of these photographs or illustrations represents a snippet in time from your own life.

These aren’t necessarily photographs you could find in the real world — they may never have been taken. But in this special place they exist. Each of these pictures — represents a time in your life when your positive qualities have shone through.

They represent things like: times you have helped other people; times you have made people laugh; things you have done to go above and beyond; times you’ve been a good friend; your positive personal characteristics. Some of these photographs and illustrations exhibit your compassion, some show your humor.

Some of these pictures show your strength in action — physical or emotional.

As you look around at these pictures, imagine how you would feel if you were able to accept all of these positive qualities. Take some time to sit with this feeling.

When you’re ready, tuck a few of these pictures in your pocket and make the journey back to the current moment.

Journal Reflection Questions

1. What sorts of memories did you come across on your photo wall?

2. What kinds of positive qualities did you find in yourself?

3. Describe a time when you showed compassion in your life and the positive effect it had on another person.

4. Describe a time when you exhibited emotional strength.

5. Describe a time when your humor had a positive impact on the people around you.

6. What did it feel like to complete this exercise? How did you feel during your journey?

How did you feel answering these questions?

7. What has this exercise taught you about yourself and/or your life?

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